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This is meant to assist you in planning for your races. Check back frequently to see if changes have been posted. Check the 4-Winds home-page and race-info-page as each race nears to get the latest info and releases for that race. Also, check our calendar page to locate any changes posted for future races. To help you identify when a gear list changes, each gear list will be tagged with a revision number and the date of the current revision and the date of the last revision. (This list is subject to change by the 4-Winds management without notice.)

Mountain Rage Adventure Race Rev 3.0

USA Supreme Adventure Race Rev 2.4

UTM Grids

Four Winds Adventure Co.

In 1999 we made up some templates of UTM grids for our training camp at Lake Powell AZ/UT. They have since been frequently copied by other race organizations and hence we thought it fair to make them available to all racers.

Below are these two grid templates. These templates are for 1:24,000 USGS topographic maps. The files herein are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you need a free copy of Acrobat Reader click here

The first template below is 5 x 3 Square Kilometer and is ideal for first plotting your course on the topograpic map prior to race start. Trim this grid to the marks in the corners.

Download Large 5 x 3 Kilometer Grid
(417.7 Kb)

The second template below is a series of individual 1 x 1 Square Kilometer grids that you can cut out and carry with you on the race course. You can also cut one of these larger than the grid, punch a hole in the corner, and place on the Lanyard of your compass to keep it handy.

Download Small 1 x 1 Grid
(119.4 Kb)

These two templates are shown here in landscape layout, while the PDF files are in portrait layout.

To print each file, set up your printer for the best quality and make sure the scaling is set to 100% and any other options such as "fit to page" are turned off.

After printing the templates, each the 1 x 1 Kilometer grid (the grid with 10 sub division in it) will have a dimension slightly over 1-5/8 inches or slightly under 4.3 centimeters.

After printing the grids, take them to your local Kinko's or copy machine and have a copy made onto a clear ViewGraph sheet. Make sure the ink stays on the viewgraph by rubbing it with your thumb. If the ink wipes off, the copier is not hot enough to fix the ink. Try a different machine. Hope these

Also when you go to an adventure race be sure a bring along a drafting T-Square or a very straight, straight-edge about 3+ feet long. This is needed to draw in the UTM gridlines. Most USGS maps do not have them drawn in, though some do. Don't count on finding a straight edge that long after you arrive at checkin. I don't recommend a yard stick since it is not very straight.

Good luck with your templates.

Randy C.

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