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Company Background

Four Winds Adventures is an organization directed by Karen Livesay,an American of indigenous peoples descent - a Costa Rican-Nicaraguan Indian businesswoman and horsewoman. Karen shares a passion for outdoor sports and a desire to develop adventure racing in the US, while exploring the lands and honoring the heritage of native peoples across America.


Through its varied Adventure Racing formats, and training camps, Four Winds provides athletes throughout the US and around the world the opportunity to experience the ultimate in physical, mental, and personal challenge through well organized adventure competitions. Four Winds Adventure race competitions have criss-crossed over the Continental Divide trail (over 12,000 ft) the Gallatin Mountain Rage peaks, (over 10,299ft) the Madison Mountain Rage, the Gravelly Mountain Range ( over 8000 ft) the Salt River and Wyoming Mountain Ranges, Wyoming Peak (over 11,363 ft), Virginia Peak (11,400ft) and many more mountain ranges through its USA Supreme and Mountain Rage adventure races. The USA Supreme Adventure Races have taken place throughout the Great Northwest in Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The Mountain Rage Adventure Races have taken place in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada set in the dramatic locations of Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Lake Roosevelt, Clear Lake and the Pacific coast.


Four Winds has successfully produced more adventure races across more types of lands and waterways than any other adventure racing company in the US period. Permitted lands would include, the Forest Service, BLM, State Parks, National Parks and Recreation Areas, all types of city agencies, county agencies, state agencies, Native American Nation lands and private landowners.


The Four Winds Adventure Company is committed to donating a portion of annual race event profit monies to educational programs for indigenous peoples, designated by the tribes local to the regions in which races are held.

The sport of adventure racing continues to expand and draw increasingly more athletes - from all walks of life - into the arena, promising to grow as triathlons did in the 1980's and 90's, becoming the hallmark sport of the 21st century.

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About the people of our Four Winds Adventures

Karen Livesay is a Four Winds founder and visionary, responsible for overall company direction and race course design, production, and management.  Karen's background in running manufacturing and consulting companies of up to the seven figures, her work as an executive coach and university business faculty, as well as her passion for outdoor athletics and being an accomplished horsewoman, gives her the insight and expertise to make the Four Winds vision a reality.

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Race History

Adventure racing and its dynamic lifestyle culture has evolved out of the endurance triathlons of the 1980's, when a multi-sport course was designed for a group of pioneering athletes who cycled, white water kayaked, and ran over a 150 mile course in New Zealand.


Since then, the "Raid Gauloises" and "Eco-Challenge" followed by the Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race, have emerged to include female competitors on teams as they tackle some the most formidable terrain around the world in expedition level competitions. See our links to other race venues.

USA Today has heralded adventure racing as one of the world's fastest growing sports, with athletes jumping at the opportunity to physically and mentally test themselves amid the spectacular backdrop of nature. From training in their native countries to racing and working together as a team, these athletes compete non-stop, for days over terrain that may require them to run, mountain bike, hike, climb, swim, horseback ride, paddle, canoe, flat or white water kayak, ascend cliff faces, rappel mountainsides, orienteer, navigate and more.


Four Winds race formats dare four member and two member teams to put their physical and mental endurance to the test as they journey through a grueling and complex course designed to provide true adventure challenges and personal growth experiences in dramatic natural wilderness backdrops or urban landscapes. Four Winds training camps offer novices the chance to learn how to face the challenges of the "real deal" of adventure racing as they successfully meld into race teams. Four Winds is the longest running adventure racing company with races based in the US, and one of only four in the world producing expedition level competitions of seven days and over. Four Winds also produces the two day weekend series of races across the west known as the Mountain Rage, the metropolitan-based three day staged Urban Rage series, and the five day staged Mountain Rage Extreme Winter Adventure Race.

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What is the "Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race"?

The Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race continues as the premiere multi-day, true EXPEDITION LEVEL competition adventure race in the US. The Four Winds Supreme began in 1997 and continues as one of the few races of its kind in the world. Teams of 2 and 4 persons race day and night, non-stop over 7-9 days, through the extreme and wild regions found in the US.


Teams navigate day and night non- stop in supported and unsupported venues, mountaineering in the settings of dramatic tall peaks and crevasses, trekking tricky snowfields, horseback riding in backdrops of classic westerns, white water rafting, kayaking and canoe paddling class 2,3,4 water, running, swimming moon lit nights, mountain biking over dirt roads, single track, and game trails, often disappearing into forest overgrowth for hike-a-bike sections.


The highly experienced Four Winds staff team, together with local agencies, search and rescue teams and regional medical and helicopter support personnel will insure logistical success, safety and preservation of the environment on the complex course. Designed around the precepts of celebration, challenge, and the completion of an extreme athletic endurance event, Four Winds and its flagship "Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race" set the bar high as the name says, for a supreme adventure.


The Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race promises to be an exciting, creative, challenging, and unforgettable racing adventure - quenching our thirst for tests of personal strength and endurance. Four Winds intention is to create new racing traditions for generations to come, tied into our important past natural heritage.

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What is the "Four Winds Mountain Rage Adventure Race"?

As an introduction to adventure racing and the tradition from which it springs, Four Winds Mountain Rage Adventure Races include shorter two day competitions for two and four person teams. Teams compete non-stop in venues such as mountaineering, bouldering, mountain biking, white and flat water paddling, running, swimming, ropes courses, navigation, orienteering, and more. For a taste of the "real deal" expedition level " Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race" in short course bite-size adventure racing setting, the Four Winds Mountain Rage Adventure Races offer beginning adventure racers the chance for safe and adventurous challenge.


The shorter 36 to 40 hour, 100 to 130 mile Four Winds Mountain Rage Adventure races give new entrants into the adventure racing sport a real taste of true expedition level races in a weekend time frame. These shorter races reach a greater portion of the general athletic population - those eager to try the new sport of adventure racing, but without the time or experience to commit to the longer expedition length races. Additionally, these events can serve as great training and proving grounds or even qualifiers for the Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race for those teams interested in trying on the "SUPREME". The Four Winds Mountain Rage can either be supported or non-supported depending on the race location.

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What is the "Four Winds Urban Rage Adventure Race"?

A new hybrid - Four Winds "Urban Rage" Adventure Race has been developed for major metropolitan cities  such as Denver, New York and Miami. Each "Urban Rage " adventure race will be a short, weekend, multi-sport endurance race across secret courses based in and around urban areas, in which two person or four person mixed or single gender teams cover routes of up to 150 miles. The "Urban Rage" is a multiple venue race, with a chance for teams stopping each evening to regroup, recharge and maybe even live some of the local nightlife. In the morning teams will know how far ahead or behind they are and what they must do to stay in the game. Venues can include urban hiking and climbing, running, mountain and road biking, in-line skating, kick scootering, water sports like canoeing, kayaking and swimming, and navigation. Support personnel are limited to one to two members, and depending on locations, support personnel may or may not be required.

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What is the "Four Winds Mountain Rage Extreme Winter Adventure Race"?

Four Winds Mountain Rage Winter Extreme 5-day staged Adventure Race
This race is set in a winter frame with an alpine backdrop, combining the challenges of weather and forbidding extremes together with high adventure and fun. Mixed and single gender teams of two and four cross mountainous terrain, crevasses and waterways in a staged format, calling it quits at day's end to regenerate energies for the next day's adventures. Teams will know standings as they go into each new day of mountaineering, hiking, climbing, x-country skiing, mountain biking, snow shoeing, paddling, scaling ropes courses, navigating and more. Expedition level endurance competitions merge with a 5-day staged format, which depending on location can be supported or non-supported.

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