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(Rage Series, Outdoor Industry Challenge, and USA Supreme Adventure Races)

When are the Four Winds Adventure Races?
See the current year calendar of events for dates, times and locations.

How early do we typically arrive before an event?

Racers generally arrive 1 to 2 days prior to the race for gear and skill check out. For more detail of the race schedule visit our calendar.

Four Winds also produces the Celebrity Adventure Games in South Lake Tahoe.

What are they?
The Four Winds Adventure Races consist of multi-sport endurance races, in short two day to two +1/2 day non-stop formats (Mountain Rage and Outdoor Industry Challenge), three-day staged races in urban locations (Urban Rage), five-day staged winter time races (Mountain Rage Extreme) and the flagship expedition level competition (USA Supreme), seven to nine day non- stop adventure race. All races are across secret courses, in which four person or two person teams cover extreme routes of anywhere from approximately 80-150 miles for the two and three day races, and up to 400 miles for the longer expedition level adventure race. The winter race is based on hours completed over five days, instead of miles. Venues for races can include hiking, running, mountain biking, horseback riding, mountaineering, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, boulder bounding, swimming, urban hiking and climbing, kick-scootering, in-line skating, navigation, ropes courses, snow shoeing, x-country skiing, and more. Racers will compete, as they work together in teams, to run the fastest times across the varied terrain and venues. Venues may be done more than once in different locations. Points can be accumulated over a racing season to arrive at a season high points winning team.

Who can do the races?
Teams of 4 or 2 individuals at least 18 years of age, with orienteering and venue skills. The premier category is the 4 person mixed gender category. There is also a 4 person open category, a two person mixed gender category and 2 person open category.

What about team support?
Race teams will generally need up to two additional support team members to assist, equip and supply the racers using one appropriate vehicle per team. Team journalists are optional and are the responsibility of each team. In some races and venues, there may be no support for race teams, depending on location.

What about family or friends?
Family or friends will be able to observe the start and finish as well as activities in some designated transition areas. Our races will be a spectator friendly at the start and finish, and points along the race course that may be known in advance.

What are the assurances that teams can complete the race in the allotted time frame?
The goal of Four Winds Adventure Races is to provide new challenges and personal growth experiences for participants, with special emphasis on the highest percentage of teams reaching the finish line. The Four Winds concept is not about eliminating teams, rather it is about providing a challenging, exciting, creative racing adventure for all levels of competition. Real time race trials, logistical planning, and years of Four Winds adventure race and special event production experience help assure that average as well as fastest teams will finish within the allotted time frame. All teams will face extreme challenge, breathtaking wilderness or inspiring cityscapes and tests of personal strength and endurance. Race organizers reserve the right to change or modify the course at any time, but are dedicated to creating a seamless experience for all involved.

What makes Four Winds Adventure Races unique and different?

Our Concept:

  • Part of the mission of Four Winds Adventures is to provide the best possible personal experience for all participants, making this sport accessible to as many people as possible while respecting the natural environment and honoring native traditions.
  • The spirit of a Four Winds Adventure Race is to provide new challenges and personal growth experiences with friendship and mutual support being the foundation for all teams.
  • The commitment of Four Winds Adventures includes creating courses that test the highest level of performance that adventure racing demands.
  • Special emphasis is on a high percentage of teams reaching the finish line within the allotted time.
  • Additionally, races will enlighten sponsors, spectators, and racers about indigenous peoples and respect for life, land and the spirit of working with the forces of nature upon the lands they will cross
  • Four Winds is committed to the allocation of a portion of annual race event profit to educational programs for indigenous peoples, based on race locations each year.

Our Awards:

  • Points are awarded to winners and finishers that can count towards a year end overall points champion.
  • Cash Prizes and awards depending on the race are given for category teams with the best times across the finish line.
  • Teams may also compete for fastest times across designated stages in the expedition-level race, i.e. mountain biking, ride/run, water, mountain climbing, and running sections of the course. This gives our courses a more race-like feel.
  • Teams that may not be the fastest over all, are still capable of winning any stage in a race.
  • Special awards will be given for the teams most representative of the Four Winds Spirit.
  • All finishing team members will receive Four Winds commemorative finisher awards.

Will there be media coverage?
Typical media coverage is through newspaper, magazine, radio and television, local, national and international coverage, and internet and radio reporting. The Four Winds concept of making a part of its race spectator friendly will give greater access to media and spectators. This can translate into greater exposure for race and team sponsors.

How do I sign up my team?
Team sign-ups can be accomplished in two ways;

1) Submit a team registration form with your deposit through the mail, or
2) Use our online registration, followed by your deposit in the appropriate time frame, through the mail.

This initiates the formal race application process. With full registration each team will be able to access, thirty to sixty days prior to each race, complete team member information, rules and regulations, competency requirements, insurance information, tourism packets from host cities, accommodation and ground transfer information, and race preparation guidelines. Team captains will receive periodic email updates to share with their teams on race related developments.

What are the team registration fees and deposits for this year's  Four Winds Adventure Races?

  • The Race Fees page is the best spot for all most current race costs info.
  • Multiple race discounts are available.
  • For a limited time, special discounts are available on the Race Fees page.
  • Check the website for any updates on each race deadline, or call Four Winds Adventures (800-775-7671). Use the Race Registration Fees form along with a Team Registration form. Late registering teams less than 30 days before a race may be charged a 10% penalty for late registration.
  • Team spots are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Four Winds Adventures reserves the right to approve all team registrations. Teams fully paid/registered will supersede partially registered teams.
  • In the event of a team withdrawal, deposits and registration fees can be applied towards a voucher for future races, less 40% handling charges.

To find more detailed information on registration fees click here.

Checks are made payable to:

Four Winds Adventures LLC
2675 West Highway 89A, # 451
Sedona, AZ 86336

What if I don't have a complete team?
Four Winds Adventures has successfully matched individuals to teams and will continue to facilitate the networking and data base creation for matches. Sign up on our website racer-links page, talk to one of the race staff, email us or fax us with pertinent information and we can help find team mates and training buddies. Incomplete teams can still register and reserve a team spot.

What can individuals or teams expect from the race organization?
Four Winds Adventures has assembled a top flight staff which has team and racer assistance as one of its top priorities. We realize the sacrifice that individuals and teams make when they become committed to an endeavor such as this - and we are committed to delivering an organized and life enriching racing experience. Four Winds reserves the right at any time to make changes to venues, course, locations, dates and arrangements in keeping with the original concept of the race and for protection of the racers.

How can I contact Four Winds?
To contact Four Winds, please use the following:

Four Winds Adventures LLC
2675 West Highway 89A, # 451
Sedona, AZ 86336

Web Page:
Phone: 1 (800) 775-7671
Fax: 1 (888) 844-7671

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